This Runner Fall during the competition, But the consequence made history.

This Runner had A Painful Fall. Then she Stunned The Entire Crowd!


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In the women’s 600 meter run. When you fall flat on your face… What would you do?

When Heather Dorniden  fall, just 200 meters before the finishing line! everyone from the crowd believed that she have no chance to win It, but Heather Dorniden had not accepted the defeat and the way she came back and sprints the 200 remaining meters is beyond all admiration.

This is what Dorniden said in an interview: ““That last 50 meters, I hit a gear that I never knew I had,” 
It doesn’t matter how many times and how you fall, what matters is how you pick yourself up.

You can not lose unless you accept yourself to be defeated. This video is a marvelous example of that.

How determined are you for your goal?