Month: July 2017

Is He/She Cheating on you!!! 10 ways to Find Out


This Will Help you to find out if  your Partner is cheating on you. 10 Things People ONLY Do When They’re Cheating In A Relationship.   Is it only human to stray and falter? Can humans never truly be monogamous? With the onslaught of social media, mobile dating apps and the internet – people have […]

Muslim Businessman Says Australian White Race Will Die Out In 40 Years


‘Australian women need Muslims to fertilise them because their beer-swilling, drug-injecting men are incapable’: Leading Islamic businessman’s outrageous claims about shock fertility statistics A leading Muslim businessman predicts Australia’s white race will become extinct within 40 years because Australian men are too busy smoking, drinking beer and taking drugs to procreate. Halal certification boss Mohamed […]

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