Scientists found Autism To Be caused due to Toxic Chemicals During Pregnancy.

Autism and  intellectual disability linked with Toxic Chemicals During Fetal Development

This is something you should know and spread. The duration on pregnancy is very sensitive and most important, both for the mother and child.

The researchers at the University of Chicago published a new study in PLOS Computational Biology, which revealed that autism and intellectual disability rates are related to the exposure to harmful environmental factors during congenital development. There are many sensitive periods during pregnancy when the fetus is really vulnerable to a number of small molecules which are known to alter normal development – plasticizers, pesticides, prescription drugs etc. In particular male fetuses are sensitive to multiple toxins such as medications, environmental lead, wide range of synthetic molecules, ex pesticides, mercury.

Exposure to these toxins during critical stages of development is thought to explain a large portion of congenital reproductive malformations. In fact, congenital malformations on the reproductive system in males are amongst the strongest predictors for autism associated with the environment. Mercury, lead, PolychlorinatedDiphenyl, pesticides, brominated flame retardants, herbicides, insecticides – these are the neurodevelopmental toxins present in the environment.

They can alter growth of the brain. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, brain autopsies of autistic children who had died from unrelated causes were compared to those of normal ones. There were abnormal patches of neurons in such disorganized manner that disrupted the usual distinct layers in the brain’s cortex. These abnormalities might have occurred in utero during key developmental stages of 19 to 30 weeks. It also depends on the duration of exposure. Countries which have restrictions on the production and sale of GMOs, such as Japan, European Union, Australia have shown a steady rate of autism in the last few years. However, In the US, massive amounts of pesticides are approved by the government agencies without considering their ill effects.

Roundup, also known as Monsanto’s glyphosate, is used liberally on edible oils, food crops, animal feed. Industry and regulators have known since long, that glyphosate causes malformation, but this information is never shared with the public. In 2010, a study by the American Chemical Society revealed that there is a direct effect of glyphosate on early mechanisms of morphogenesis in vertebrate embryos. It also leads to suppression of critical enzymes resulting in diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, Heart diseases. A study of fetal, maternal, and non-pregnant women’s blood detected the presence of Monsanto’s BT toxin during critical stages of development and it also appeared to cross the placenta to the fetus.

This toxin combined with Roundup, is linked to cancer, damaging kidney cells and many more ailments. Mothers exposed to common use of safe pesticides and chemicals during critical stages give birth to children with increased risk of lower intelligence, behavioral disorders, structural brain abnormalities, compromised motor skills, diabetes, cancer, higher rates of brain cancer thyroid and small head size.

Apart from the environmental toxins, Vaccines are also full of toxins, and they are usually administered at critical stages of development, including pregnant woman. To Vaccinate the infants or not, has always been a debate. It is always a rich experience to live in a chemical free world, away from pesticides and toxins. We should probably be more sensitive to such information and notice harmful things in our daily life, to give our children healthy environment to live in.