Day: August 16, 2017

11 Actors You Didn’t Know Had Famous Spouses


In this age and era, it is easy to keep a track on any celebrity’s every move.Most of us are well informed on the lives of the famous ones thanks to the various social media platforms.But in spite of all this, there are few celebrities who keep a low profile and it is very hard […]

Big Game Hunter Trampled To Death By Elephant In Namibia


An Argentinian man has been killed in Namibia after he was trampled by an elephant, local media report. The Namibia Press Agency said the hunter, identified as 46-year-old Jose Monzalvez, was killed on Saturday afternoon in a private wildlife area 70 kilometers (43 miles) northwest of the small town of Kalkfeld. The agency said Monzalvez, who worked […]

10 People Who Disappeared Without a Trace


Every year thousands of people go missing all over the world. Some of them are found while some of them remain missing for long periods of time, and some forever. Among them, the most intriguing cases are those where people just disappear. In most of these sudden disappearance cases, there doesn’t exist a single clue […]