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Easiest Ways to Get Rid of the Workplace Stress


Workplace stress is the harmful physical and emotional responses that can happen when there is a conflict between job demands on the employee and the amount of control an employee has over meeting these demands. … Stress in the workplace can have many origins or come from one single event. Workplace stress is one of the most ignored health issues. Though a […]

Signs and Symptoms of Acute Vitamin ‘D’ Deficiency


Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps in calcium absorption, a bodily function necessary for strong bones and teeth. Unfortunately, a large cross section of the global population is suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Surprisingly, a lack of this vitamin is a phenomenon among people from the tropical zones as well where there is […]

The Unusual Symptoms in Brain Tumor


In brain tumors, many cells in the brain or one cell grows abnormally. Many different types of brain tumors exist. Some brain tumors are noncancerous (benign), and some brain tumors are cancerous (malignant). Brain tumors can begin in your brain (primary brain tumors), or cancer can begin in other parts of your body and spread […]

Amazing benefits including Weight Loss of water chestnuts


The water chestnut can help in improving fertility and aid weight loss. You must include this very versatile winter vegetable in your diet. Though they are called water chestnuts, but these are not nuts. Water Chestnuts are aquatic tuber vegetables that grow in ponds, paddy fields, marshes and shallow lakes. It is a low in […]

Traffic Jams may have Direct Impact on your Heart


Traffic jams are the most irritating part of the day. You leave home with a fresh mood, cleanly dressed up with a purpose to reach your office or college daily on time, and then suddenly you are stuck in traffic, with two things on your mind– I hope this jam disappears as soon as possible […]

Do you Know Male Menopause is Real too?


What is Male Menopause? Because men do not go through a well-defined period referred to as menopause, some doctors refer to this problem as androgen (testosterone) decline in the aging male, or what some people call low testosterone. Menopause is not only a female condition, but male menopause is real too. The only difference is in the in the time […]

The Unexpected Ways Tourists Get Cheated in Various Countries


Travelling is one of the most exciting pastimes ever. We are so thrilled to see new places, try unique cuisines, and tap into unknown cultures that we often forget about the dangers that go along all that exciting stuff. Where there are tourists, there are scammers. They can be found in literally every part of […]

These Dangerous Diseases Can Kill You within a Day


Most of the illnesses we get throughout our lives aren’t deadly and can be cured by the effective treatments that already exist. The following diseases are extremely dangerous for humans as these can kill you within a day. Bubonic plague The bubonic plague is one of the deadliest diseases in history. In the 14th century, it killed […]

The Amazing Benefits of Eating With Hands


We often wonder why we eat with our hands. Why not chopsticks, or forks? But there is a Vedic science behind it. According to Ayurveda, we use our hands because of the five elements within the fingers. Eating with hands transforms food and makes it digestible even before it reaches the mouth. Eating with hands feeds both […]

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