Day: August 27, 2017

Stop These Murders” – This Independent Cancer Researcher’s Powerful Response to the Government and Pharmaceutical Industry After She Was Threatened Over Apple Seeds


Mary and Doug lived in Surrey County, a small district of the United Kingdom. A small, unassuming hamlet, the county is not home to much of any criminal activity… With the suspicious exception of Mary and Doug.   What caused federal agents to place them under investigation for selling a cancer treatment alternative? Mary left for Mexico, […]

Scientists Find “Evidence” Of A Multidimensional Universe INSIDE Our Brain


An exciting finding has been made by scientists as they have discovered that the human brain contains structures and shapes that may have up to eleven dimensions.    Neuroscientists welcome the findings stating: “We have found a world that we had never imagined before.”   With the help of Mathematical methods of algebraic topology, scientists have fond structures […]

11 Funny Pics Because life


Life is too short, so smile while you still have teeth left. Sometimes life might throw a curve ball in your direction and while you are at it, take a moment and look for a silver lining. Or better still just google some hilarious pictures which would surely make your day.   And to make […]