Doctors Recommended Natural and Best Teeth Whitening Technique.

*Brush your teeth with coconut oil.
No need for acid or abrasive powder. Just floss and coconut oil. Even oil pulling is good. It kills all bacteria in my mouth and tastes a lot better than those chemical laden toothpastes.


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It is an age old technique detoxify and clean teeth and gums. Not only this but it will removing harmful bacteria and improve gums. Do it regularly and you will get the desired results.


It have been recomended in ayurveda to be adapted as daily morning routine. According to Dr. Jessica T. Emery, owner of Sugar Fix Dental, oil puling is the best way possible and available to clean your teeth and mouth.

All Teeth problems are due to bacteria, and coconut oil together with the enzymes which are in your sliva, inhibits those bacterial growth. Which is a very good thing. It will not only reduce any tooth related pain you are suffering from but will also make you feel great after you do oil swishing and this will lat for entire day.


*Coconut oil + Baking Soda
Mix Coconut oil and Baking Soda in equal proportions by blending until you see a paste. Beside coconut oil, Baking Soda also have teeth whitening and cleansing effects.

Now wet your tooth brush, and use the paste to brush your teeth. When you rinse your mouth, do it with warm water, since coconut oil hardens at low temperature and cold water otherwise it might clog with your skin. Regularly practice of this will give you the desired result.



*Easiest way to whiten your teeth

Peel off to get whiter teeth with the banana peel. Here is one fantastic tip for all natural medicine seekers. Minerals found on the banana’s inside show an incredible effect on teeth.

The magnesium, potassium, and manganese soak up into teeth and then whiten them. This methodology is extremely simple to be followed. Simply rub the banana’s inside gently for two minutes around your teeth. Soon, you will be able to find that the bananas would become yellow and your teeth white.


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