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Drug Is First to Treat Cancer Based on Genetics, Not Location


Drug Is First to Treat Cancer Based on Genetics, Not Location A change in how cancer is treated means more people will benefit from immunotherapy. In a first for precision medicine, a cancer drug has won regulatory approval based on the genetic characteristic of tumors, rather than their location in the body. On Tuesday, the […]

Recipe To Make Cannabis Oil For Chemo Alternative


“Once the public becomes aware of the fact that properly made hemp medicine can cure or control practically any medical condition, who is going to stand up against the use of hemp?” Rick Simpson has dedicated his life to helping suffering patients (with all types of diseases and disabilities) with the use of natural hemp […]

Brazilian Wasp’s Venom Kills Cancer Cells Without Harming Healthy Ones


New research published in the Biophysical Journal reveals that the venom of the Brazilian social wasp Polybia paulista contains a powerful anticancer ingredient. The toxin called MP1 (Polybia-MP1) is able to kill tumor cells without affecting healthy ones. To study the mechanism behind this selective action, the research team created model cell membranes and exposed them […]

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