Here Are Some Deep Dark Secrets About Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg And Elon Musk

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk,  the three true kings of the innovation and technology in the contemporary world are very well admired for their hard work and successful careers! But well, they’re human indeed! They also had their share of difficulties in their life which they had overcome to reach where they belong! With no intention of malice or defamation, we have here brought some of the craziest stories from their life thinking it might interest some of you!


Steve Jobs


Where to begin, I don’t know! We must not speak ill for the dead ones, but we’re just telling you the facts, so be it! Steve Jobs, an American entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, and industrial designer, as we know him, was also infamous as an idea thief who stole and patented concepts and features at every opportunity he got!


One of the many vilifying things that he has done in his lifetime includes abandonment of his own daughter, Lisa! He was 23 when he denied any part in Lisa’s birth, spending over two years while denying paternity. He said that “He couldn’t be Lisa’s father because he was ‘sterile and infertile, and as a result thereof, did not have the physical capacity to procreate a child.” Later, however, he improved his relationship with her.


Another of his condemnable act was his deceit to Wozniak over Atari Game Breakout that both of them created together after working for four continuous days! Wozniak was given his half due $350 cut as promised. But decades later, Wozniak got to know that Jobs was paid $5,000, and not $700! Upon hearing this, Wozniak reportedly broke down in tears.


Mark Zuckerberg


His story came into the limelight when “The Social Network” was released. Apparently, Mark stole the idea of Facebook from his friends and conveniently got rid of them when they served no purpose. He has been ordered to pay huge sums to his friends by the court for his act of deceit.  At one instance, he also said his much-quoted phrase, “You can be unethical and still be legal; that’s the way I live my life.”


This statement is his life mantra, as he has been accused of using Facebook login details to read private emails. He has also been charged with hacking a rival social network site to vandalize social profiles and break their searching tools.


Elon Musk


His flaws are very blatantly described by Ashlee Vance, a business columnist’s, comprehensive biography on Musk: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. He has given various insights on the ultra obsessive behavior of Musk at the work and how he never took “NO” for an answer no matter what the situation is! He is known to be severely uncompromising and demanding while forcing his employees to work long hours so that he could mint profit out of them! Vicious, I must say!


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