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Truth Exposed

Drug Cartel: Licensed to Kill


Doctors are there to help people, but the label of “sick” is being placed on the wrong individual. The pharmaceutical representatives are pushing their free medication samples. The only means of distributing free promotional samples is by the reps being able to talk directly to the psychiatrist along with a signature. The different reps would visit […]

Who is responsible for breeding racism into children?


Racism. A simple enough word that should not mean discrimination and hate, but it does. In the world of equality, racism holds no place but we are far away from living in that world. In the name of religion, caste and color, we take it and then dish it out. And our children, no thanks […]

Trump removed Obama’s flood protection laws just days before Hurricane Harvey hit

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Donald Trump scrapped Barack Obama’s flood protection standards days before Hurricane Harvey Changes are designed to speed up new infrastructure projects but critics described them as ‘dangerous’ Donald Trump signed an executive order just days before Hurricane Harvey that scrapped many of the flood protections introduced by Barack Obama. Harvey has caused huge damage in Texas as 30 […]

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