Day: August 20, 2017

Did You Know That Cat Licks Can Make You Blind?


This is an article in which we’re going to present you that cat licks can actually be very dangerous! Janese Walters , a woman from Ohio, used to adore the time spent with her cat and even let her cat lick her face. But, then, out of nowhere, she has gone blind in one eye! […]

7 things you should never say to a sex worker


When finding out what someone does for a living, it is normal to ask a few questions while feigning polite interest. But if you work in the sex industry, such a conversation can be an ordeal – with the questions ranging from overly intimate to downright interrogative. In this BBC Three video, UK-based sex workers discuss the […]

This is what it’s like being a Male Sex Worker


The following article contains posts of a sexual nature, it’s NSFW and you have been warned. Sex work often gets an exceedingly bad rep in the press. It’s portrayed as seedy, dangerous and often just ‘wrong’. However, the reality is that the practice is the source of a steady income for many, who genuinely enjoy their […]

A 31-year-old blonde pilot is becoming an Instagram star

old man

Eva Claire isn’t your average 31-year-old. Her day-to-day life involves cruising the skies as a pilot, sharing her adventures with a staggering 67,000 Instagram followers. Claire, from The Netherlands, shares photos of her preparing for take-off in her Boeing 373, flying it, and shows off the exotic locations she gets to visit during her down time.   Let me take you […]

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