About us

In 2012 I made a facebook page The Unknown; But Not Hidden with the motive to share good information with people from all corners of world, the page grew quickly to almost a Million fans.

With the powerful feedback of people we determined the publics likes and needs to learn about Natural Cures for illnesses like Cancer and all others fatal illnesses also, many have benefited from this vast and informative resource. Our Health tips and Motivational content resulted in healthy body and happy mind. With repeated requests from people to start a website we have now completed it with all the useful and important information people require to obtain the information they want and desire to better their health and lifestyles, with motivational posts, Technical posts, and personal observations of self awareness/awakening which benefit all visitors on a daily basis.

Here you a complete list of things to satisfy all of your health, mental health, and meta physical needs, be it for your body or mind, to motivate your thoughts or elevate your energy. If there is anything else you want to know which is not in this website then you can email us at [email protected] and we respond asap. Thank you.