Truth Exposed

Dad Shoots and Kills Son’s Rapist and It’s Caught on Film

A karate instructor named Jeff Doucet in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had abducted an 11-year-old boy in June of 1983 and taken him to California.   When Jody was rescued and returned to his family, his father Gary Plauche was coping with reports that his son had been sexually assaulted. According to reports, Doucet had been

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Stop These Murders” – This Independent Cancer Researcher’s Powerful Response to the Government and Pharmaceutical Industry After She Was Threatened Over Apple Seeds

Mary and Doug lived in Surrey County, a small district of the United Kingdom. A small, unassuming hamlet, the county is not home to much of any criminal activity… With the suspicious exception of Mary and Doug.   What caused federal agents to place them under investigation for selling a cancer treatment alternative? Mary left for Mexico,

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