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Improve Your Immune System by Consuming this Anti-Aging Super food


Did you know that the most antioxidant-potent superfood known is a mushroom that grows inside the bark of birch trees? This super food has shown benefits in fighting cancer, boosting the immune system, improving cholesterol levels and staving off aging. Inontus obliquuus, commonly known as chaga, has been used as a food and traditional medicine for hundreds of […]

Artist Stood Still to Let People Do Anything to Her Body


For six long hours, performance artist Marina Abramovic put her life and body completely in the hands of strangers, turning herself into an object to be used as one wished. During this time she agreed to remain completely passive until the experiment was over. For the audience, there were no immediate consequences. What do you […]

Superstitions and Their Amazing Effect on us


Superstition is any belief or practice that is considered irrational or supernatural: for example, if it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown. People have been indulging in weird superstitions throughout history. It used to be customary to tell honeybees when there […]

The Trend of Dangerous Mass Weddings in Lebanon


In the Middle East there’s a veritable boom in marriage these days. Many couples are tying the knot in mass weddings, such as one presided over recently by the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Béchara Boutros Rai. The Maronite Church is one of 23 Eastern Catholic Churches in full communion with Rome. According to Jesuit Fr. Steven […]

What You Should Never Tell a Depressed Person

Teenager with depression sitting alone in dark room

World Mental Health Day is held every year on October 10 with the intention of creating a better understanding of mental health disorders. The theme of World Mental Health Day 2019 is “Working together to prevent suicide.” In recent times, suicides have grown by epidemic proportions. Identifying signs and timely help can save lives. Sadly, […]

How to Identify Your Unique Strengths?


In Western numerology, a practice created by Greek mystic and mathematician Pythagoras over 2,500 years ago everyone has a numerology chart made up of seven “Personality Numbers,” each with its own insights. As crazy as it sounds, all you need to discover your five greatest personality strengths are the numbers in your birthday. How does numerology […]

These Amazing Changes Happen to Your Body during Sleep


There’s a lot we don’t know about sleep. Questions like why we have sleep cycles, why we dream and why humans even need sleep in the first place are ones scientists are still finding exact answers to. But one thing’s for certain: when we sleep, and sleep well, we feel better physically and mentally, and […]

Shocking Truths From Our Daily Lives That Will Terrify You


The world we live in can be a really dangerous and unpredictable place. Many a times we are aware of what endangers our lives, and there are others that are completely natural and out of our control. However, there are certain other things that might actually be harming you in a big way, while you […]

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