*Baking Soda
A simple, natural and best remedy to reduce and fade acne marks.
Mix 1/2 teaspoon baking soda with 1/2 teaspoon purified water and create a paste.
Apply to affected area and keep it for 5 minutes.
Wash off.
After that you can apply coconut oil on the area.
It Prevents darkening.
You  can also do this before sleeping.

*Yogurt Mix :
This one is very good for burned marks.
Make a paste by mixing yogurt and turmeric in equal quantities and apply then on the area.

*Neem (Azadirachta Indica) :
Prepare a paste of few Neem leaves and apply on the affected area.
This have many advantages like removing scars and curing any other skin related issue. It is even considered very good for pimples and acne. This is because of its very good antiseptic qualities.

*Apple Cider Vinegar :
Apply cotton dipped in a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and water (in proportion on 1:2) on the area.
Keep it for 10 mins and wash thereafter. It is recommended to do this before bed.
After this you should apply moisturizer

*Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Lavender Oi, Cod Liver Oil, Garlic Oil :
Regular application of Coconut-oil or Lavender Oil or Garlic Oil or Olive Oil or Cod Liver Oil on the affected area by scar, will fade then and eventually make then go completely.

*Lemon Juice :
Cut Lemon and apply its juice on the scar. It acts as natural bleach and reduces scars. Also drinking lemon water (without sugar) is highly recommended.

*Rosehip Seed Oil :
It is also used in many scar removing creams and other cosmetics. Gently massage your scars with its oil. Do it 2 times a day.

* Ice Cubes :
Rubbing Ice-cubes on scars is considered a good way.

*Aloe Vera :
After cutting an aloe vera leaf, its gel part must be applied on the affected area. It also have antiseptic qualities.

*Tea Tree Oil, camomile tea :
Apply diluted tea Tree oil or camomile tea on the affected area, but massage gently.

*Honey :
Apply honey on scar is considered to be great for removing scars.

*Sandalwood Powder :
Applications of Sandalwood Powder mixed with either milk or rosewater on scars for an hour is a very good.

*Almonds :
Peel off the skin of almonds which are soaked in water for at least 12 hours, mash them and mix with rosewater. Apply this on the Affected area.

*Cocoa Butter :
Application of this will also moisturize and smooth your skin beside removing the scars.

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