What is the Proper Way to Poo?

Our posture in the washroom immensely affects our health.


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Yet more than half among us don’t maintain a right sitting posture while relieving them off the body waste.

The presently and most commonly used toilet seat is a fairly new type which came into being after the engineering revolution.

Today, the experts and doctors are more worried about this ‘throne’ that is posing a lot of health problems as it is totally against the natural rule!

The western toilet seat is one of the major causes which do not let people get fully relieved of their body waste, which in turn gives them unhygienic internal body conditions.

The MAIN reason for this is the anal canal can NOT become straight to let the stool pass easy and fully. This results in obstructive constipation.

As per the olden rule of sitting in a full squat position lets the anal canal straightens which in turn helps to pass the stool properly and fully.


This is a very important post that shows how people around the world are suffering from this ‘syndrome’ and as many as 75% of colon cancers are happening in the cecum, an area that doesn’t get not fully removed in the ‘throne sitting’ posture.

It is because of this very reason that the traditional Asian as well as African cultures are free from any colon cancer!
So, a squatting toilet is a much better option that offers best toilet postures and is also being recommended to the western world inhabitants as well.