How Television Affects and hypnotize Your Brain.

Television Effects and hypnosis to Brain

We all watch Television but little do we know of its hypnotizing and intense damaging effects to our brain. This will let you know of an entire new unknown reality.

Hypnotizing Effect: The longer a person watches Television, the more easily the brain slips into alpha level; a slow steady brain wave pattern in which the mind is in its most receptive mode.

Images and projections are implanted into your brain, without your participation. An effective hypnosis is induced and the viewers surrender to the unending television image stream.

Effect to Nervous System: Images of television violence stimulate the fighter flight instinct. And since it would be absurd to react to television violence, the viewers suppressed the emotions. Viewers are drawn back and forth on cycles of impulse and suppression, and when the set goes off, this start-up energy burst forth in frantic behaviours commonly associated with childhood hyperactivity.
Confusion by Television
Creating Confusion:Television imagery is jammed together in a steady stream of information, fracturing your attention, while condensing and accelerating time. These events would not happen in ordinary life. They are technical alterations, only possible within the moving image media. Living in the rapid world of Television imagery, ordinary life is drought by comparison, and often far too slow.

The Real and Unreal: The image stream is a steady mixed up stream of real, unreal and semi-real events. All of these events end up merging with each other and becoming just another set of stored imagery that have all similar reality values.
Coming soon: TVs that will watch you!