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Incredible Facts

5 Year Old Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby


This story is truly a medical marvel — one that is surely hard to believe. Being a mother has never been an easy job. What’s the right age according to you for becoming a mother is it 20’s or 30’s? This girl has brought a change in the perfect age of being a mother. In […]

Why No Aeroplane Passes Over Tibet?


Tibet is a neighbouring country between India and China. Tibet has its own identity in the whole world, then whether it is from a spiritual point of view or tourism. Tibet is also called the roof of the world due to its high elevation from the sea and is surrounded by huge mountain ranges. Tibet […]

The Mystery of Floating Stones You Never Knew


The prevailing mystery of Floating Stones! The flamboyant Rameshwaram is a celestial place down on the earth. It is considered to be the sacred town renowned for the Ramanathaswamy Temple. The lively waves of Rameshwaram will instill the feel of the complete celestial place or you have been somewhere in the Paradise blessed with lively […]

An Amazing Family Member: World’s Biggest Python


31-year-old Marcus Hobbs bought an 8-inch snake from a pet shop 8-years-ago, which is over 18 feet long, weighing 110 kilograms and is the world’s biggest Burmese Python. Hobbs said his snake eats stillborn deer, rabbits, goats, calves, and pigs that are supplied by local Famers. The snake is still continuously growing. Hobbs said the animal […]

Dolphins Save A Dog from Drowning


A group of dolphins came to save a Dog that had fallen into a canal an couldn’t get out. On Marco Island, Florida; they made a lot of noise to attract the attention of people living nearby to help rescue the dog. The dog was thought to have been in the canal water for more […]

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