A Father Injects His Newborn With HIV, But then a miracle happened.

Storied like this are a blend of human brutality and also an example of never giving up. Miracles do happen, with the help of science, courage and motivation everything is possible.


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Little Bryyan Jackson’s father tried to murder him by injecting him with an HIV- tainted blood, when he was only 11 months old, in order to escape from child support.
Bryyan had developed full blown AIDS by the time he reached 5 years of age.

It was believed by doctors and everyone else that his life would be over in few months, but He survived.
He had to live on so heavy medication that he lost his hearing. At one point he was on 23 oral medications, 3 Injections and 2 IV bags a day.
His dad was sentenced to correctional facility for the rest of his life.

Bryyan is now 23 and perfectly safe, not only this but the virus is virtually undetectable.
Now he has forgiven his father.
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