Answers To 10 Classic Magic Tricks

Have you ever been awestruck by the tricks performed by the magicians?Just sitting there being wonderstruck without having a clue on how they put up such a magnificent act.But being ignorant is not everyone’s cup of tea.


So for the rest of you out there, we have compiled a list of answers to those classic magic tricks.


Abracadabra Levitate


A woman is made to lie on a board which is held up by the metal rod, and the magician places himself in angel which would hide the rod. The result of the trick lies in where the magician is standing and how well it is executed.



Now you are half


Remember the act where a person is cut in half?The individual, in this case, has to get into a box and tuck their body into providing the illusion that, their body is being cut into pieces. Fake feet are connected toward the end for when the model moves.



Now Rise Up In the Air


This act is fundamentally the same as the other levitation act yet the magician does not stand in front of the assistant. He then passes a hoop over the assistant only going as far as the support allows which gives the illusion that the body is floating in the air.



 I Am Floating Now


The entertainer sits on a metal seat that is joined to a pole and that bar is appended to a stage that will be covered by a carpet.



The Half Story


This is a standout amongst the greatest acts. One assistant is as of now in the container before the action even begins, her body covered. At this point when the other assistant gets in the container, the one officially inside puts her legs out while the alternate one conceals hers, exclusive only her abdominal area appearing. At the point when the blades go in and the container isolates, we are really observing one portion of two individuals.



The Leaning Dance


This Michael Jackson move is substantially more straightforward than you thought! A section of the groove in the shoes catches a lift so when you lean past your focal point of gravity, you can come back to an upright position without falling over!



David Copperfield Makes The Statue Of Liberty Disappear


David Copperfield is known for his incredible disappearing acts and one that has baffled many is when the magician made the Statue of Liberty vanish. How did he do it? The audience and pillars next to the statue were on a rotating platform. The audience was moved so that the statue was out of view but they didn’t know they had been moved.




Buzz Saw


Similar to cutting a body in half this trick requires two people. The band that secures one person to the table also helps hide the other body. The blade comes down between the two giving the impression it is sawing the one in half.

-Celebrity Wiki



Criss Angel Levitation


Very similar to the floating man trick, Criss Angel used a hidden leg to step onto for his levitation trick. He would step out of his shoe and onto the leg to make it appear he was floating with both feet in the air.

-Magic Trucks For Kids



The Water Walker


Criss Angel can levitate and he can also walk on water…sorta. This trick is made possible with Plexiglas pillars coming up through the pool of water that he steps on. Not so impressive anymore…




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