Man Kills Thousands Of Mosquitoes Every Night Using This Genius Mechanism

Ever wondered that tiny innocent looking mosquitoes can be the most dangerous creatures? Shocking but true and the data from World Health Organization confirms this considering the number of deaths happening due to the mosquito bite.

A Dangerous Disease

Malaria is one of the oldest known mosquito-borne diseases and around 300 to 500 million cases are reported every year. You might be aware of past menaces caused by these tiny mosquitoes which include Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, and dengue fever. There have been some inventions like Photonic Fence, Smart Trap, Malaria vaccine that has been in place to encounter the dangers posed by mosquitoes.

How to Control?

You can use Electronic or photonic mosquito killers which work very well unless you are living in a very humid area where a large number of mosquitoes are ready to feast on your blood. You can get rid of these large set of bugs provided that you have a huge industrial fan and a dog.


Well, that is what Dan Rojas of YouTube channel GreenPowerScience thought and came up with a cunning plan that caught swarms of mosquitoes in a very humid place.

Dan Rojas’s Plan

Rojas put forward a brilliant way to trap deadly mosquitoes by using High-powered industrial fans. These fans cost around $100-300 online and do the job of trapping the mosquitoes overnight in large numbers.

To ensure that the bugs, as well as pollen, leaves and other things, don’t get caught in the procedure, a mesh screen is placed across the mouth of the fan with the help of rare-earth magnets, which are powerful enough to resist the pull of the fan.

The Role of the Dog

You might be thinking how can a dog help kill mosquitoes. Isn’t it?

The mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled by animals with each breath. Rojas has clarified that the dog sleeps indoors at night and does not get bitten sitting in the cage between two industrial fans.

But, in case you do not have a dog, carbon dioxide coming from a slightly opened seltzer bottle will serve the purpose.

The Video of the Setup

Watch the video of the setup prepared by Dan Rojas to get rid of the problem.