Woman Shames Co-Passenger From Hell In Viral Video. This Is What She Did

A woman’s reaction to a co-passenger from hell on a flight has resulted in a massively viral and relatable video.

Jasmine Mays was flying from Nevada to Los Angeles, USA earlier this month when she spotted something disgusting on her armrest. While waiting for her flight to take off, which was already by over an hour, she saw that the passenger sitting behind her had placed her feet on her armrest.

Realising she was going to share her flight with the co-passenger’s naked feet next to her, Ms Mays filmed her horrified face in a video that has over 24 million views on Facebook in about two weeks.

“What in god’s name #toegirl,” the woman summarised her experience.

Asked if she confronted the dreadful co-traveller, Ms Mays told NDTV, “I did not confront her – I didn’t have to. After I took the video and watched it back, I stared laughing hysterically and she realized and took her feet down.”

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Source : theworldvibe.com, ndtv.com