In an incident caught on video, a 21-year-old student was shot dead at Georgia Tech Saturday night during an altercation, after threatening police with a knife.


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The student, Scout Schultz, was born male but self-identified as a non-binary gender, and was the leader of the Georgia Tech LGBTQ group Pride Alliance. In the disturbing video (included below), a barefoot Schultz is seen advancing toward Georgia Tech officers and ignoring their repeated demands to drop the knife and stop moving. Schultz is also heard asking police to “shoot me,” and after an aggressive move toward an officer, a shot is fired, and Schultz goes down screaming in pain.

Officers were initially called to the scene after a report of a man with a knife and a gun.

There are several versions of the video online, but the longest shows officers constantly retreating from the man as he advances. The shooting itself is partially obscured by a tree, as Schultz continues to move toward an officer who is off-camera.

The Daily Mail has more.

The tense encounter was caught on camera- in which the student can be seen walking close and closer to the police officers and shouting ‘shoot me.’
‘Nobody wants to hurt you,’ one of the officers can be heard saying.
Schultz was then shot once and immediately crumpled to the ground, screaming out in pain.
None of the police officers involved have been identified, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently looking into the shooting.
According to a press release from the bureau, the Georgia Tech campus police received a 911 call of a ‘person with a knife and a gun’ at 11.17pm Saturday night.
The release says Schultz was ‘not cooperative and would not comply with the officers commands.
‘Schultz continued to advance on the officers with a knife.. Subsequently, one officer fired striking Schultz.’

Schultz’s LGBTQ group Pride Alliance also issued a statement on the shooting, referring to Scout Schultz in plural, non-gender based terms.

“They have been the driving force behind Pride Alliance for the past two years. They pushed us to do more events and a larger variety events, and we would not be the organization we are known as without their constant hard work and dedication,” the statement read.

Schultz’s parents are reportedly exploring legal options.

This is the video taken of the shooting. Warning: the content is graphic.