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Bird Put Behind Bars for ‘Participating’ in Shoplifting


In a rather bizarre turn of events, a bird has been put behind the bars by the Dutch police. A tiny parakeet bird was taken in custody held in a jail cell in the Netherlands after its owner was arrested for shoplifting. Since the feathery being was a partner-in-crime, sitting atop the man’s shoulder when […]

Interesting Websites to Kill Your Boredom


Most of the internet users have forgotten that the internet is not all about scrolling Facebook and twitter news feed and wait for some interesting things to happen. There are a lot of interesting things you can do on the internet but most of us are just limited to Google, Facebook, and twitter. Routines have […]

Can You Spot Your Name In This Puzzle?


So you answered all the Christmas cracker riddles, smashed your nearest and dearest at your annual game of Monopoly, but are you really among the smartest people in the world? If like me you were a bit too sozzled to figure out the answers to the contents of your Christmas crackers and see Monopoly as […]

Stupid Wife And The Cheating Husband


What a Couple! #3 Danger Siren? Now for a second, try and fit yourself in the boots of this woman. Imagine you are coming back to your house after a long day of work only to see a horrible sight like this. I am sure you haven’t ever come across a situation like this but […]

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