Day: September 6, 2017

15 Important Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know


  Good manners are a sign of politeness, regardless of what others may think. Having good manners means speaking properly, using proper vocabulary, restraining emotions, having a neat and clean appearance, and being courteous. Therefore, if you want to learn some good manners, take a look at the following etiquette 15 rules:     When you’re […]

Pregnant Mom Poses With 20,000 Rescue Honey Bees For Maternity Photo Shoot


Emily Mueller decided on a honey bee-themed photo shoot. The resulting images have both “wowed” and “shocked” readers around the world. Along with her husband, Emily runs the Mueller Honey Bee company, which seeks to save the bees. Based in Ohio, USA, the company works with various products related to the industry, including the sale of honey. In the compelling photographs below, […]

CIA Jet Crashes With 4 TONS of Cocaine on Board


CIA Jet Crashes With 4 TONS of Cocaine on Board : –   This is not brand new news, but it is probably something most people did not hear about when it happened.   According to Awarenessact, “8 years ago, Gulfstream II, later called “Cocaine 2″, crashed in the middle of the jungle in Mexico’s Yucatan carrying 4 […]

Black-Eyed Ghost Appears In Pop Star’s Selfie


Musician and co-founder of MMP entertainment, Melo Lv, has amassed over 60,000 followers on Instagram and uses the platform to update her fans on new music and her day-to-day life. However, a recent post garnered a significant amount of attention for a completely different reason, one that many thinks could be paranormal.     This […]

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