Day: 7

Woman Poops On Busy Hospital Corridor, then casually walks away!

The unidentified woman carries out the deed within a matter of seconds before making a swift exit An unidentified woman who casually curled one out on a hospital corridor and casually left the scene has now gone viral. In a busy hallway, the lady leans back against the wall, checks left and right, before doing a poo while

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17 Kids Who Are Definitely Dead Now. Worst Parenting Ever!

Kids are cute, they are innocent, they throw tantrums untimely, they annoy others, they also do idiotic things sometimes. But whatever they do, parents are somehow always responsible for how kids are and what they become in their future. I would be really surprised if these kids really made it to adulthood. 1. Welcome people,

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How Many Hidden Numbers Can You Find In This Logic Puzzle?

Participating in brain puzzles and teasers can prevent cognitive decline. Furthermore, mind teasers are, for most people, fun, like the numbers puzzle below! And perhaps brain teasers are also a great way to train our demanding brains a lesson in patience! In this fast-paced world, we’ve learned to want what we want now, and not

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