Dog Suddenly Appears In The Newsroom During Live Telecast! Reporter’s Reaction Is Priceless!

In the history of news anchoring, there were many embarrassing moments for live reporters. We have seen fights on live telecast, funny bloopers, setup gone wrong etc. But what happened in Russia was completely different and beyond expectation.

A female anchor was reading out the news about demolition in Moscow, when a sudden sound disturbed her. After multiple disturbances, she turned around and was completely taken aback. She saw a cute black Labrador (which is not so cute when seen unexpectedly) that broke into the newsroom. The dog continued to jump in the background and wagged its tail.

The news reporter tried to continue reading news but the dog chose to steal all the attention and fame; she patted the dog and continued to read the report.

The video is really very funny and is going Viral on the internet.