Day: 2

Man Marries Cobra He Thinks Is His Dead Girlfriend

There is a Buddhist theory that people are reincarnated after they die into animals. This is a really simplified way of looking at it, but ultimately it leads to this: a Thai man has married a cobra because he thinks it’s his dead girlfriend reincarnated. Grief can do crazy things to people, but not everyone

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Disturbing Photos Of The Flooding In South Asia No One Is Talking About (NSFW)

Because the media is tied up with coverage concerning Hurricane Harvey, few are aware that an even worse natural disaster is taking place in South Asia. In recent weeks, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have received record amounts of heavy monsoon rains. The devastating flooding that has followed has killed nearly 1,200 people — including

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Face Of Nagasaki Dies Of Cancer At 88

Postman whose badly burned body became an iconic image of the devastation caused by atomic bomb had passed away Sumiteru Taniguchi was 16 when U.S. dropped atomic bomb on Nagasaki He survived the August 9, 1945 bomb with severe burns on his arms and back Photo of him recovering in hospital in 1946 became associated with the

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