Racist Girl Taught A Lesson She’ll Never Forget From Guys All Over The Internet

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the world is chock-full of Neanderthals. Take this woman, for example, Kelsey Reynolds, who decided to let the world know—via Twitter—that she would never sleep with an African American man.


Twitter / KelseyReynolds

Biggest mistake of her life, folks. What made her think that insulting an entire race in 2016 would be a good idea?

She made the situation even worse for herself by posting a selfie with the caption: ‘Sorry black boys, only white men can handle this.’

Did it really come as a surprise that African American boys didn’t want to sleep with her? Maybe only to her.


Twitter / KelseyReynolds

Imagine her surprise when she read that, as it turns out, Caucasian boys don’t want a piece of her either. ‘On behalf of all white people, we sincerely admire your graciousness. However, we will be declining your generous offer and adamantly urge that the Mexicans take one for the team.’


Twitter / KelseyReynolds

Nor do Mexicans, for that matter. ‘On behalf of the Mexicans, there is [sic] some jobs we won’t even do. Maybe the Asians can take this one.’

Maybe the Asians? Nope, not them either. Feel the burn, girl.


Twitter / KelseyReynolds

Kelsey’s post got her so badly ridiculed that she eventually decided to cancel her Twitter account. Guessing she can talk the talk but people’s harshness got too much. But the internet can be pretty sneaky and someone ended up opening the account with her name and re-posting the exact post in order to allow more people to roast her.


Twitter @KelseyReynolds

One person wrote, “You built like when all the toothpaste almost gone…sorry black boys, only white men can handle this”. With all the comments of people with different racial backgrounds, Kelsey actually did something positive. She managed to unify all different races and religions. And everyone agreed on her attractiveness.

Twitter @shezumi

Of course, getting bullied is never okay on the internet. But people have every right to defend themselves when someone posts a racist, disgusting post like Kelsey’s. It just begs for internet trolling. People definitely had no problem holding back. Their words might have been pretty harsh, but for Kelsey’s post…harshness isn’t even enough.

Twitter @itsjustcelle
It truly did unite all Asians, African Americans, Mexicans and Muslims. One Muslim tweeted, “On behalf of the Islamic Community, despite the honorable gesture of this gift…” He continued writing, “…I would also have to peacefully decline and put an end to this. Not only is it against our religion to eat swine, it is also impermissible to give it to the next man.”

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