Cleric Claims 3-Year-Old Girl ‘Asked to be Raped’ Because of her Clothing

A shocking claim made by a Yemeni cleric has stated a 3 year old’s clothing caused her to be raped.

Controversial Yemeni MP and cleric Abdullah al-Adaini said the 3 year old girl invited being raped because of the ‘way she was dressed’.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page titled “clothing of young girls is a gateway to rape” he bizarrely claims the pedophile ‘wasn’t to blame’ and instead blamed the toddler’s ‘absurd’ clothing.

Victim-blaming in cases of rape have famously been criticized for the archaic, sexist and plainly wrong views of those who hold them.

Judges have been made to apologize to victims after wrongly suggesting that the clothing of the victim may have played a part in the assault.

It has been proven that wearing ‘provocative’ clothing has no part in whether a woman is raped or not, in most cases the woman is wearing what is considered ‘normal’ clothing.

The cleric’s disgusting post states:

“How many young girls have been raped due to the effects their clothing has had on the human animals [who rape them].

The result [of these clothes] is a girl living in the ruins of psychological conditions, deformities or death.”

…showing just how far being the times the church and other religious institutions stands on such matters.

TNA have reported how the post has caused outrage among people in the cleric’s home city of Taiz.

Yemeni activist Hind al-Eryani said:

“The only place for such a man would be in a prison cell in countries that respect human rights. The people of Taiz should arrest him for justifying the rape children,”.

Al-Adaini’s post comes just a few days after a three-year-old Yemeni girl was raped in the capital Sana’a on the first day of Eid al-Fitr.  Also, a court in southeast Sanaa on Sunday sentenced a man for the murder and rape of the young girl.