Scared People Share the Creepy Story That Keeps Them Up All Night Long

When bad things keep happening to good people, you start to question what is right and what is wrong.


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Check out some bone chilling creepy stories shared by some readers that will keep you up all night.

 Morse Code

“I used to live in a small building downtown. There was this guy in the apartment right over mine. He mostly kept to himself. Around midnight though, there was frequently a strange noise that got on my nerves. It was little bumping sounds going on and on. After a few days, I realized the pattern was always the same. Several years later I was helping my daughter with morse codes for school. She knocked on the table with her knuckles and a shiver went down my spine. I recognized that exact pattern. I asked her what it meant and she said, “It’s the one to call for help.”




Full Moon

“A knock at my front door wakes me up. It’s way past midnight and I’m lying on the sofa with the TV on. The house is dark and I’m alone. Looking out the window, I see nothing but a full moon. I get up and head towards the front door. There’s no one there. I turn off the TV, close the window and head to bed”





I think this story is pretty creepy. Julia was a clever kid who figured out that she had some control over her parents. She would “fake” being scared and her parents would automatically run into her room. One night, Julia couldn’t take it anymore and told her dad that’s it’s funny they always believe her. Her dad responded, “Once, just once, we didn’t believe your brother”. Julia is an only child”





“My boyfriend and I bought an old house. I’m on wallpaper removal duty. Under a corner section of the paper in every room are a person’s name and a date. I decided to Google the names and learned that all of them were names of missing people. A crime scene team was sent to us. One tech said, “Ma’am, where’s the material you removed from the walls already? This isn’t wallpaper you were removing.”




Angel’s Eyes

“This story doesn’t let me sleep at night. An angel has an eye on the past, present, and future. Locals assembled to watch the angel open its eye to the past and it cried so much, it’s eye rotted away. Then it opened its eye to the present, seeing wars and famine…he sewed his eye shut. Then he opened his eye to the future…he swung his hand up and gouged his eye out”





“This story gave me a creepy reality. A guy was given a watch on his tenth birthday. The watch would count down, his father noting that that’s all the time that’s left. The guy lived his life to the fullest, knowing exactly how much time he had. Eventually, the final countdown began. The old man smiled and closed his eyes. But nothing happened…he was still alive. You’d think he’d be so happy but instead, for the first time, the guy was scared”





“Reading a letter written by a guy named Jeff who was abducted while vacationing gives me chills. I feel a bit of hope until I realize I’m reading from his sketchbook where he wrote the letter. Jeff never actually returned to tear out the page, and I’m the first person here since him. I look to my right, where the dark maze that got him awaits me”





“I have the power of seeing people’s colored aura based on how long they have to live. Most people have a solid green hue, meaning they have plenty of time left. Then there are those who have red around them, meaning their time is numbered. With that in mind, I get to work early so I can scout my colleagues’ fates. As people kept walking in, they all had red around them… including me. Then my boss walked in, locked the door and his aura had a sickening shade of green”




Disney Land

“It scares me to go to the happiest place on earth after reading the list of rules for Disney World employees. Some of them are: ask to examine the photos guests have taken and check for abnormalities, evacuate the area if you see dead alligators, if you see more than one Mickey out, report it immediately. The real Mickey costume has eye holes. If you don’t find eye holes, disallow photos and call security” . This might have ruined Disney for me a little.




Time Travel

“I have a gift of time travel. But the problem is I live a bit in Euphoria. One time, I traveled to June 18, 9214 where minds were able to see the freaking future. In 9217, everything came to an end. The image of the end date was incoherent. Scientists theorized this would be the end of existence, the complete opposite of the big bang. It provided a date of the year and a hazy image of a dark and decaying earth, just months before the end date.Being a time traveler, I enjoyed having the information no one else had. Boy, do I regret it. I was trembling and not because the tall man with the inhuman grin on his face was walking towards me”




Little Girl

“Little Emily lived in my neighborhood. She vanished last year and now they’re pouring new sidewalks in my neighborhood, and I’ve found her name in the wet cement, written in remembrance. But it was written in reverse. And from below” . I never really believed in ghosts, but this story not only made me question things but I won’t be sleeping tonight.



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