Fortunate People Talk About 11 Scenarios They Escaped Just In The Nick Of Time

We don’t always get what we want. But, consider this- there are people who will never have, what you have right now.


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Check out the confessions on Reddit, of people about situations that they just got out of in the nick of time to avoid trouble and pain.


‘A group of students were making fun of one of my history teachers back in high school. The teacher was Muslim so the group of students decided to make some crude remarks about her religion and then proceeded to draw a crude image of her on the board. I left the room in disgust and when I came back, the principal was reprimanding the group and the boy who drew it got a week long suspension and the rest of the class was relegated to after school detentions.’

-Julian Fran




‘I traveled to Tijuana back in 1984 for a trip. As I was about to leave, I visited a burger place, it felt creepy at the time but I was hungry. I got my burger and left quickly. Upon returning home I found out that a lone gunman had showed up and opened fire on everyone. 21 people died and another 19 injured.’





‘I used to be a therapist and every year there would be a charity ball. One of the therapists got a suite in the hotel and after the ball we went up to the hotel room. As bottles were being opened and clothes were coming off, I knew this was a place where I had to leave. Lesson: don’t have group sex with people from work.’





‘I applied for a job at an interpreter place and although I got an offer I turned it down. Turns out, a few months later, a terrorist act occurs at that exact location where two interpreters died. The news coverage showed blood splattered over magazines, and the creepiest thing was that those were the very same magazines that I love to read.’

-Elena Ledoux



Twin Towers

‘As my wife and I were preparing to fly home from New York that morning, we tried to book by calling United. They told us we needed to pay a change fee so we declined and flew home out of Albany. Turns out that was United 93 that flew into the Twin Towers.’

-James Windsor



Coffee Stains

‘I was going to drive home one day early but I spilled coffee on my pants and had to rinse it off. As I am driving home, I hear on the radio that a part of the bridge that I usually drive on collapsed into the bay! The lower deck of the Cypress structure just pancaked due to an earthquake, so I am just glad I was not there at the time.’ David Brower)

-David Brower




‘Back in high school, my friends and I would go to different house parties. Where young kids would drink and smoke. However, we were running low on snacks that day so my friend and I decided to go down to the convenience store. When we came back, there were cops all around the house kicking people out.’

-Robert R. Gray




‘I was at a local grocery store right before closing time. I quickly grabbed some stuff that I needed and left because they were kicking customers out. I found out the next morning on the news that the place was robbed but no one was hurt.’

-Maria Henneberry




‘I was a boy scout in my younger days and I had to go to the bathroom (aka behind a tree) when I heard these boys throwing rocks off an overpass. One of the rocks missed and hit a passing truck. The driver got out and while the scout leader and the boys tried to apologize, the driver pulled out a gun!’

-Nathan Wilson



Sex Crime

‘Just two months before my divorce was finalized, my ex-husband was arrested for a sex crime. The whole past year I had been miserable and depressed and stayed in the marriage for my children. But now with his photo splashed across the news, I’m so glad I had already switched back to my maiden name.’

-Stacey Thibodeaux




‘My colleague and I were staying at a hotel. Had we stayed at the hotel a day later for any reason we would have died since the hotel we were staying at was the one directly beneath the World Trade Center.’

-Charlotte Lang


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