Woman Wears Body Paint Instead Of Clothes For A Day And No One Seems To Notice

When you’re constantly seeing beautiful people in the media, you can’t help but compare yourself to them. This may cause you to feel a little insecure – which isn’t really a good feeling. Many people may hide behind baggy clothes, but what would you do if you didn’t have clothes to cover up your body?


In this video, Julie is trading in her clothes for body paint. Professional body painter Pashur House is using his skills to paint a t-shirt and a pair of jeans on her body. The video begins with Julie explaining about having issues with her body in late high school. This project is her way of overcoming her body image problems by putting herself out there.

‘By wearing body paint, I feel like I’m taking off a shield and putting myself out there,’ she says. ‘I’m really scared but I think it’s going to be a positive step forward.’ The first thing they do is put on the pasties and outline the design. Once he finishes the look, he covers her in sealant to make the paint more durable.

Now that her ‘clothes’ are done, it’s time to walk around the office and see if anyone notices. She begins to walk around and even goes up to her co-workers asking them if they notice anything different about her. It takes them a bit of time but eventually they come to the realization that she’s not wearing any clothes!


After conducting her experiment, Julie shares her thoughts on the project. ‘I came into this feeling scared but I feel like I conquered a really huge fear that I had.’


‘Going outside wearing only body paint is really similar to having insecurities. You feel naked, or you feel all these negative things about yourself that no one else sees, or no one else understands,’ she says teary eyed. At the end she delivers a positive message to the viewers, ‘What matters inside is what counts the most.’

The video was uploaded by BuzzfeedYellow and had been viewed over 12.3 million views since it was first posted on August 13th, 2016.


Source : providr.com