Did you ever felt the urge to use bathroom so bad that you are ready to urinate in public? Well, if you are in Mumbai then this could be a disastrous decision.


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Recently, public urination have gone so far so out of control in Mumbai, India, that there was an urgent needed  to take a severe action. The the viral YouTube video name ‘The Pissing Tank’, a small group of citizen took the task to clean the city, but whats unique is their brilliant idea. Going around in a Yellow tanker, these men spray on anyone with large water horse who is seen to be publicly urinating. On the back of their water cannon tanker is boldly written their mission statement ‘YOU STOP, WE STOP’. Their claim to clean the social issue of public urination by their way of Pissing Tanker.

I hope if ever I am in Mumbai, to be able to find a bathroom in time of crisis and not to safe from this Pissing Tanker.
The Video is available below.

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