She is only 45!!!

0Meet Japanese Model, Masako Mizutani- Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth.. She has a 21 year old daughter.


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No, she isn’t a high school prom queen and not even an actor endorsing any brand. In fact, she has a daughter aged 20!

Can’t believe?

Her name is Masako Mizutani, a Japanese model, who looks half her age. She became an overnight personality in 2009 when she appeared on a Japanese television show where she revealed secrets about her age-defying looks.

The Japanese fashion magazine model looks strikingly gorgeous even without an iota of makeup and she claims to spend around a quarter of a day just to maintain her glowing skin!

Her goddess-like look has been holding attention of people across the nation for her natural appearance.

Not only that, the 45 year old housewife is truly an ambassador of Eternal Youth.


What is Her secret! Her advice in order to stay young:

No Smoking at all, healthy balance, and drinking a lot of water are her secrets.

* It is vital to keep the body as well as mind lively to stay young. It means that we must do frequent workouts and also continue to motivate our brain with the growing age.

* Fresh as well as healthy food is very significant to have a young body and skin. She also eats 4 small meals a day and drinks huge amount of water to wash out all toxins to keep her skin free from any problems like white heads and black heads. Moreover, she does not smoke to keep her skin seem like a teenager’s.

* Good health isn’t everything- she also applies a few make-up techniques of course- to provide her that “eternally youthful” look. She says that the most helpful tip is applying right make up according to the age. A lot of bright colors as well as shades won’t work as well as one grows older. Rather go for the lighter make-up as well as lighter shades.

Masako with her daughter. Anyone could easily mistake then to be sisters.

* Eating right food like milk, fruits, vegetables, and nuts are most important to feed the skin. Also, a proper skin care schedule is needed to keep the skin younger by protecting it from exterior influences like dirt, dust, and pollution. Not only this, you must also apply vitamin E containing lotions or creams all over your body to keep skin as soft as possible. It’s also important to not go out in sun with no sunscreen guard. Sun is said to be one of the most harmful factor for the skin which easily makes you appear older- if not careful. Also, you must follow a proper cleaning as well as moisturizing routine each night before sleeping.
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