Homeless Man Thought He’s Walking Into Friend’s House, But Broke Down After He Found Whose It Is.

On March ’13, Rahat purchasing a homeless man (Eric) a fake lottery ticket.  Eric didn’t know that actually Rahat gave $1000.00 to that store clerk so that Eric’s chances of winning to be 100%.

People were touched by the fact that Eric wanted to share the money and the Video went viral all over the net.
Rahat, who have over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, was bombarded with storms of messages asking how can they donate To Eric. So Rahat set up a funding task in order to help Eric to stand on his own feet. Little had he imagined that the project actually raised 44000$, more than 2 times of his targeted goal.

When the house and everything else was ready, Rahat called and met Eric to go out for dinner. He brought Eric to the new home and then presented it to be his new Home. The reaction and what followed next can’t be expressed in words, so enjoy the full Video:-