Hate bananas? See this!
 Natural cures:
There are many reasons to call it a super fruit, as it has many hidden advantages. Most people don’t know that banana can help cure Kidney Cancer.
It can even take care of our bones, eyes, relieves irritation and itching, lowers body temperature, help learn more and make us smarter, and also cools you faster. Bananas can also stabilize blood sugar it has several antioxidants.


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Supports your health
It helps give good health by helping people overcome depression and counter attacks calcium loss, protects from muscle cramps, cures anemia, and reduces swelling.

For digestion
Bananas help digest food by taking out insoluble and heavy metals found in many foods and also help cure constipation. It can prevent stomach ulcers as it is a natural antacid.

How bananas do so:
Eating bananas shield eyes from macular degeneration
Helps build strong bones by more calcium absorption
They also make you more alert and smart
During hunger pangs, eat a banana to balance blood sugar, prevents nausea caused from morning sickness, helps avoid binging on harmful food

Their higher antioxidants provides protection from several chronic diseases
in case of bitten by bug, simply rub the banana peel’s inside on the affected region to find immediate relief caused by irritation and itching
Banana can lower body temperature and even cool you on hot summer days
Forget about Monday blues by eating a banana as its natural mood-enhancer called tryptophan helps in easing Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

If you want to quit smoking, then eating one banana can be your solution as it has soaring levels of B-vitamins along with potassium and magnesium that helps accelerates recovery from withdrawal’s effects.
Rubbing the banana peel on leather shoes and handbags can provide then new shine.

It is low in salt and high in potassium and they are formally recognized by FDA for being able to lessen the blood pressure along with protecting against stroke and heart attack
They are one of those raw fruits which can be eaten without any problem to ease stomach ulcers as it coats lining of stomach against harmful corrosive acids.

Important tip: Before an exam, always eat a banana to get more benefits from more potassium level.