Want to look younger? Here’s how!

If anyone of you ever wanted to look much younger (with your grooming arsenal stocked up), these 9 easy strategies can turn the clock back for you with no medicine space ever required for you.

1. Consume Your Antioxidants

Most of the ‘best’ moisturizers can’t even promise lesser wrinkles in just 2 weeks. But a new study done by Unilever suggests that participants who drank four antioxidants and took the fish-oil supplements regularly for only 14 days improved significantly their wrinkles depth.

2. No to Cigs

No surprise on this one- smoking ages you. It is said that every 10 years of smoking resulted in almost 2.5 less years of age. It is said in a study done by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that smoking is totally associated with extra wrinkles created between nose and sagging jowls, mouth, under-eye bags, and lips- almost whole face area.

3. Smile more

Smiles ward off the future frown lines and also make one look younger. When the German researchers made several women and men look at several photos of faces of 170 people; they were more likely to undervalue age of those people who were shown smiling face.

4. Lower the Blood Pressure

A study done in 2013 found that people looking younger than their age had lower blood pressure. One more study done at Molecular Psychiatry shows that depression decreased immunity and actually sped up natural biological aging practice.

5. Getting Eyes Checked

Now stop squinting. Each time you narrow your brows, several grooves are formed you’re your eyes, under your skin. With aging, skin loses flexibility which turns such grooves into fine lines as well as flat out wrinkles according to Ranella Hirsch, M.D; a Boston based dermatologist. Actually, Hirsch sends more than 90% of her 30+ Botox patients to an ophthalmologist to get stronger prescription.

6. Gymming for Better Genes

Fewer your chins, younger the look. Although this fresh UC San Francisco study shows exercising can influence the DNA! Researchers also found that the twins who exercised for almost half an hour daily have DNA markers which appear ten years younger than their sedentary counterparts.

7. More Sleep

A study done in 2013 found that bad sleepers’ skin had more difficulty to recover from any environmental stressor, including UV radiations. Its result: higher signs of aging. Fortunately, there are many great ways to get better night’s sleep for such people.

8. Brushing Up

the enamel darkens over a period of time. Darker the teeth, older you look. This makes brushing more important. According to a 2010 study done in PLoS One, those people who brushed twice every day looked almost 5 years younger than the people who brushed only once.

9. Growing Facial Hair

Surprised? The guys used to grow the whiskers for looking older. According to a recent research done by University of Southern Queensland shows that beards as well as mustaches can assist guys in looking younger. This is so done by blocking more than 90 percent of sun’s UV rays. Also, the facial hair produces several natural oils that assist in keeping the skin properly moisturized as well as wrinkle-free.