How Alcohol Attacks your Brain and Damages your body.

Dangers Caused By Alcohol


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*Late reactions,
*blurry vision,
*slurred speech,
*weakened memory and
*trouble walking

Above are only some side effects of consuming alcohol. Some of them are visible after a few drinks. Some show up when someone consumes alcohol over longer time period such as brain shortfalls even in the times of not consuming alcohol. Alcohol also several far reaching effects on human brain like permanent brain damage, memory lapses, etc. Damages depend on several factors such as the frequency of taking alcohol, age group of the drinker, their general health status, type of alcohol, etc.

These are few other major harms caused by alcohol:

Higher Blood Pressure

Binge drinking repeatedly causes high blood pressure on a permanent basis. High blood pressure patients must be moderate drinkers (taking maximum 2 drinks or 1 drink daily for male under than 65 and over 65 respectively and 1 drink for woman of any age.)

Memory Formation Prevention

Several NMDA receptors in brain send out glutamate that communicates with the neurons through the signals. Consuming alcohol interferes with such receptors- affecting communication of glutamate with the neurons. It also prevents few neurons and even activates others to cause formation of steroids to prevent formation of any fresh memory. The steroids slow down brain’s LTP or long-term potentiation which also strengthens communication between neurons and acts as an important aid for memory formation. LTP’s malfunctioning causes memory formation problems.

Gaining Weight

Alcohol has many calories which mean extra use might create unwanted weight gain and also high blood pressure.


on having a blackout, one doesn’t remember parts of event happening after consuming alcoholic drinks. One can’t recall what they did after having alcohol. Non alcohol drinkers even say it is impossible but several medical researchers have evidence that such blackouts happen.

Many believed that that alcohol even kills brain cells, which is not true. But it triggers chemical reaction inside brain which blocks a person’s ability to memorize anything occurring around them and makes brain incapable of forming any new memory.

A survey conducted among more than 700 college graduates to know about their blackout experience revealed that almost 90 percent of them experienced it at least once in their life. Rest of them reported that they also involved in fights, unprotected sex, and even drunk driving.

Research shows that even mild alcohol usage can lead to a blackout in females.


Once anyone gets addicted, a lot of rehabilitation work and therapy is needed to recover. Most apparent addiction symptom could be that addict starts to fall apart in case they don’t get their daily alcohol dose. Their body starts to shiver, cravings become strong; addict becomes aggressive, and even needs more than usual amount of alcohol to get drunk. Also, shaky body and nausea are other alcohol addiction symptoms.

The four stages of alcohol addiction:

Stage 1 is when the person drinks excessive alcohol and looks for more opportunities to drink
Stage 2 is when side effects of alcohol start to become regular including blackouts.
Stage 3 includes ignoring job, family, and food
Stage 4 involves a person becoming aggressive and turning hostile towards others. 

Other Major Health Damages:

Alcohol causes accelerated ageing, appetite loss, nerve disorders, osteoporosis, depression, and muscle cramps.
Also, binge drinking leads to severe brain damages such as blood clots and strokes. It is a situation when a person drinks excessive alcohol right away.

The liver takes a lot of time to process alcohol. As a result, excessive alcohol can make the liver stop working.