GUMMY CANDIES – What are they made of ? This will Shock you!!!

you will be shocked, this is what GUMMY CANDIES are made from!
Know what you are eating!
In case you ever wondered what gummy candies are made of?
Here’s the answer to shock and surprise you:

  • Gummies are a general kind of Gelatin-based Chewy candy.
  • They are mixed with sugar, glucose syrup, starch, flavoring, food coloring, and citric acid.
  • GELATIN is a translucent, odorless, and almost flavorless substance made by excessive boiling of skin and bones of animals.
  • It is prepared from meat industries left over stuff such as pork skins as well as cattle bones. 

Now if you are a real fan of Candies, what would you say?

After reading this, you will have to think twice before chewing these gummy worms instead of going after their yummy taste!