What to do if Tsunami Hits your Town?

Watching the Tsunami hit some coasts in South-east Asia in the news is a completely different experience than actually being in eye of one. While in the Biblical tale of Moses, a Tsunami possibly helped the Israelites escape cross the Red sea (also cited in the movie Exodus), in most cases you will never be ready to welcome one in your town.

This series of high waves that possibly triggered by an earthquake can be extremely dangerous and has become a dreaded word all over as it has caused so much destruction in many parts of the world. Most people are aware of a Tsunami but do not know what to do in case they are faced by one.

In case you are one of them here are a few pointers that would help you to understand what you should do in case of a Tsunami in your town:
Before the Tsunami
• Find out if your town and house are in danger of being hit by a Tsunami.
• Find the height of your locality from sea level and how far it is from the coats as the evacuation plans are generally made based on these facts.
• Be aware of the warning signs like an earthquake or a change in the waves.
• Educate all your family members and neighbors on what to do in case of a Tsunami.

• Inform the people when and how to turn off gas, electricity and water.
• Children should also be informed as to when they should call for help.

Disaster Supplies
If your town is susceptible to Tsunami, always keep a bag ready with supplies that would help you during this period. This should include:
• Flashlights and batteries
• Emergency food and water
• Medicines
• First aid kit
• Cash and credit cards
• Strong shoes

During Tsunami
Tsunami can occur at any time of the day and you should always be ready to face it. Be well aware of the fact that the waves that occur during Tsunami are huge and the speed at which the water comes is much higher than the speed at which a person can run.
• In case you are in school, when you feel the Tsunami warning, make sure to alert all the teachers and other school personnel.
• In case you are at home, alert all your family members.
• When the Tsunami strikes, be sure to move calmly to a spot that has been zeroed in by the local authorities as an evacuation site. This would generally be a high lying area or the terrace of a high building.
• In case, you are on the beach and feel the earth rumbling, do not wait for the tsunami sign. Instead quickly move to a high area and stay away from any water bodies that lead to the ocean.
• The terraces of multi storey buildings and luxury hotels are the best bets for refuge when the town is hit by these dangerous waves.
• If you are in a boat or a ship during Tsunami, you do not need to worry as these waves do not have any affect in open sea, but one should not try to reach a port or land during this time.
After the Tsunami, try to help people who are injured and trapped and wait for help to arrive. Be aware of the dangers and be safe.

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