Keep your credentials, card details and system safe, virus-free with free method.

In present time we use our system (PC/ laptop) for everything. For net banking, purchasing or shopping anything using our credit card and of-course for email and social networking like Facebook, twitter also.


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With something good also comes something bad. Internet is full of information and uses but also lot of threat, virus attracts, spyware and malwares.

We depend too much on our system for everything, but a small virus, spyware or malware attack can ruin everything. It can crash our system, can ultimately result in loss of data, and on worst case steal our log-in credentials, and if we also store our baking details then those also.
But you need not worry about it if you are aware and follow the safety guidelines. Here are all of them specified.

*Virus attack:
To safeguard your system from virus attack you must install an antivirus program. If you are using more than 1 antivirus program then it will hamper the performance of your computer and none of them will work effectively.
Hence you must use only 1 and good antivirus software.
The good part here is that there are many free antivirus programs available, one of which is provided by Microsoft Co-operation to all its users.

Microsoft provides Microsoft Security Essentials which you can download from its official website HERE.
I have also used Microsoft security essentials and it is also a great antivirus program.
[NOTE: It is very important to update your antivirus program and scan your Computer regularly.]

They are capable to take care of almost everything which can affect your PC.
For Malware I sometimes use Malwarebytes, which again you can download and use free of cost from the website or if you want the direct download link then it is HERE

I always uninstall malwarebytes after scanning my Laptop, because I don’t want too many software to work on my laptop simultaneously. But you might keep it. It’s your wish.

Although you might never need an anti-spyware program if you have a good anti-virus program, and regularly updated it and scan your Laptop or PC, but since I need to tell you about this also hence the best software which I use every-time is SUPER Anti Spyware. This takes care of all of your tracking cookies, hijacking software and many more. The best part besides being absolutely worth and effective is that you can also download it free from few websites. I always take it from filehippo. The direct download link if you want is THIS

If your Laptop is already badly affected by virus or malware and you are not able to do anything on your laptop, work nothing, then  you can open your Laptop in safe mode and run Malwarebytes (Microsoft Security Essentials ) and many other antivirus program does not work in safe-mode.

As the golden rule goes. Be safe than sorry. So here are few tips which might help you in safeguarding your system from such attacks.
NEVER click on an unknown or suspicious link. Many a times if you click on a suspicious link then a software is downloaded in your system automatically and it sends all of your credentials, ALL OF THEM, through internet, to the person who actually have trapped you. Then he will hack your accounts or even use your banking details.
REGULARLY scan your computer from antivirus and keep your antivirus program updated.
NEVER download software/programs from unfamiliar or suspicious sources.


Perfect Way to Keep your Laptop, Credit Card details safe and virus-free