Can You Spot What’s Hilariously Wrong In This Prom Picture Lineup

Oh, prom season! The final farewell to the beloved place that students have called home for the last few years of their lives. No matter where in the world, everyone celebrates this night in a fairly similar way. The ladies get dolled up in their most flattering dresses, showing off a little bit of their anticipated adulthood, while the guys dress to impress in their finest suits and ties.


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Prom photos are traditional and they normally go like this: a backyard, the ladies lined up by side, a striking pose, and purses held firmly in front. The only difference with this group of ladies is that one of them decided she wanted to be a little different.


There is something about this photo that’s not like any other prom photo, and we bet you can’t spot the difference! A sneaky mastermind by the name of Eleanor Clark, pictured in the centre of her friends wearing a black dress, decided to skip out on the regular purse and go with a GIANT HIP FLASK instead!

She was later praised by students around the world after sharing her photos on Twitter, stating: “still don’t know how I got away with a giant hip flask as my prom clutch.” Well played Miss Clark, well played. It’s like they say in magic, the closer you look the harder it is to see it.


Eleanor received a copious amount of attention from the Twitter world, with over 319 thousand likes and over 64 thousand retweets on this one post!


This United Kingdom based prom queen isn’t the most stellar example for the next generation of prom goers but she sure is brilliant, and we can’t disagree with that!

These are just a few of her fans that think she’s a hero for thinking outside the box. Thank you Eleanor Clarke, you’ve inspired the world to be more creative.


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