Henry Damon Always Wanted To Look Like A Marvel Villain, So He Had His Nose Removed. Here Are The Photos Of His Transformation

Henry Damon has transformed himself to look like Marvel’s Red Skull

Damon, 37, has had several subdermal implants to his forehead

He has also tattooed his eyeballs and had part of his nose removed

The Venezuelan has finished off the look with red and black tattoos

Who doesn’t love to be a hero? But there are some people who wish to become a villain and they do extra ordinary things to reach that level. Extreme Plastic Surgery, Tattooing Eyeballs and Dying their skin are some common procedures they go through to achieve their dream.

This story is about a Venezuelan man, Henry Damon, who took body modification to the extreme level in order to look like comic book super villain Red Skull.

He Looked Like This Before

Since childhood, he loved the character and when he turned 37, he decided to look like his favorite character. At that point in life, he was a husband and also a father. He started with his physical modifications after meeting Emilio Gonzalez, an expert in tattooing and extreme body surgery.

This is his image prior to the start of the transformation.

The Beginning of Transformation

As the transformation process started, Henry had to undergo several sub-dermal implants to produce an authentic Red Skull structure.

Henry had gotten under the blade multiple times to look like his favorite villain from the Marvel Comics!

Extreme Modification

Such was his taste for body modification that he took it to an extreme and also tattooed the whites of his eyes in black.

But this did not end here and he underwent the most extreme surgical procedure for the removal of a section of his nose in order to match the nose of Red Skull.

Words from the Surgeon

Emilio Gonzalez, the surgeon who performed the life-changing body modification, stated that Henry is a physically and intellectually a healthy person and was operated only after confirming that he had no respiratory disease.

He further went on to say that everybody undergoing such transformations very well know what they want as the body modification is the last step of body art.

Henry Did Not Stop

Guess something was still left as Henry did not stop but planned further changes in his looks. He has now decided to get cheek, chin and cheekbone implants done.

His entire face will then be tattooed red and black which will make him look like Red Skull.

What do you think about his extreme transformation? Let us know in the comments if you have seen any of red skull movies and whether he resembles him.

Source: dailymailexpress.co.uk, theguardian.com