Everyday Things You Don’t Know The Purpose Of

Life is all about learning new things from our surroundings and enhancing our knowledge and skills. Here are a few things from your everyday routine which you might not have been knowing earlier. Take a look!


Utility knife!


Did you know the purpose of the lines imprinted on the knife blade? Well, those lines are to break the blade off part by part to give you sharper edges without you buying it every now and then. And the back cover is not just for the design or protection purpose. You can use it for snapping off the blade with ease.



The mystery of that tiny hole!

You might have scratched your head thinking about that tiny little hole between the lens and the flash, well that little hole is the microphone which is used to record the sound when you shoot anything from the back camera.


Beer bottle!

The sleek end of the beer bottle is not only just for the sake of design but it is meant to keep your beverage cool for a longer time. As you hold the bottle from this region, there’s minimal contact of your hand with the beverage and thus the heat from your body does not come in connection with the liquid keeping it cool for a longer time.


The metal plate on the stapler

Turn the metal plate of the stapler with the bottom sign on the upwards, staple the pin and you’ll see the pins intact on the outwards, making it easier to remove later.


The hole in lollipop stick!

The hole is actually to hold the candy which otherwise would have slipped out. So the next time you have a lollipop, do not think that that hole was to blow a whistle or play after you finish eating the sweet.


Disher spoons!

You may find the ice cream scoopers attractive with those different shades of colour but actually, these colours indicate the size of the spoon. Refer the table below.


About the dial in a traffic light

Underneath the control box of a traffic light is a special cog which spins rapidly when the green man is showing, allowing blind people to feel when they have right of way. The spinning cog helps the visually impaired know when the green man is showing.


There are more such things which you need to know. Check out the video below!

Source : fewunknownfacts.com