A South African Village Does Something That Will Shock The World

South African police were shocked to stumble upon a claim that about 300 people in a village, which is as much as 33% of its population, had resorted to cannibalism. The villagers have admitted to having devoured human flesh. The matter only came to light when one of the villagers complained to the police of being fed-up of eating human flesh.




At first the police dismissed the person’s claim as bizarre. But he furnished ‘evidences’ by showing them a torn-apart bloodied hand and a human leg, which forced the police into believing.


The man claimed to be a ‘traditional healer”.


On investigation, the police were led to a house in the Rensburgdrift area in Estcourt where they were met with a foul smell, and more human remains were found. In fact, as many as four pairs of human ears were found in a cooking pot when the police crashed in.


According to news reports, this case of cannibalism is also related to a missing complaint lodged by the parents of a 25 year old girl named Zanele Hlatshwayo. Her parents have come forward after this as they believe that she had become a victim of the cannibal attack.




She had been brutally raped and murdered by absconding men, with only parts of her torso being found. Police believe that after raping her, the men had chopped her off and had her flesh distributed in the village.


The police at first charged 5 men with resorting to cannibalism, but later at least 300 men admitted to having consumed human flesh. All the men were part of a secret group and lay claim to being traditional healers. They would either kill people and devour their body parts or would dig out dead bodies from the graves.


Three main accused in the case have been presented before a court. They are 22, 29 and 32 years old.


More villagers have also come forward to report missing friends and relatives, making the police believe that there could be many more victims who have gone missing.

Source : topyaps.com