This Gorilla Is Sweeping The Internet.. When He Turns Around It’s Easy To See Why!

Ever since this gorilla started walking on his hind legs, he became an internet sensation. Let us know more about this silverback gorilla.


Unusual Habit


Normally gorillas get around on their four legs but Ambam suddenly started walking on his hind legs and got noticed by the zoo keepers. Soon the people around the globe also witnessed a memorable scene and this gorilla became popular among internet community.



Special Talent


Ambam is an in-house zoo resident of a Local Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, which is located in England. He lives with his family in the Park.


There are many other Gorillas in the zoo including Ambam who unlike him walk on four legs. Ambam seems to have a special talent which sets him apart from the other Gorillas in the zoo.

Good Sight


He can walk upright on his two legs which are very similar to humans. He looks to be a huge gorilla around six feet tall and is able to maintain his balance while walking in that position.


That’s an amazing sight to see such a huge gorilla and this is the reason why so many internet users are loving his pictures which are being circulated over the internet.This silver back has become a popular star now and has a huge fan following due to his endless charms.


Amazing Trick


This is a fact that Ambam learned to walk by merely watching the zoo keepers and imitating them. Zoo scientists have indicated that they have not given any him any training.


His habit of walking straight has also been exhibited by his sister Tamba and her two-year-old son as well. The whole family seems to be gifted with this amazing talent.


The Video


This is the video which had been liked by millions around the world. Ever since the video had been shared, the number of visitors to the Zoo has increased significantly.


Check out yourself Ambam’s extraordinary talent that has made him a star.

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