13 Caught Cheating Texts That Are So Awkward It’s Funny!

In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its word but in its unspoken bond. But, in this age and time it is very difficult to find a relationship which has sailed through the test of time without giving in to any temptations. Sometimes no matter how careful a person is, cheating on their respective partner, technology tends to rat them out.

Check out some texts sent by some people which put an end to their cheating game.

Tests And Results

Sometimes one needs to wait for the complete message before blurting out the truth. Well, at least she knows the truth now.




Swapped Messages

It is always better to double check the recipient name of the person you are sending the message to before clicking the send button.



Divorce Me

If only he could backpedal his actions like he tried to do with his message.



Cheating Off The Paper

If only she had asked for a clarification of his message. Well, I guess the guy does not regret cheating off her on a test now.



Mom, Check Your Texts

Wow, this mom is really setting a shining example for her kid on infidelity in a marriage.



Girl Squad

What made the guy think that she will reciprocate when her BFF’s boyfriend hits on her?



Caught You

When you are out partying without your partner it is better to disguise yourself properly.



Drop Me

Sometimes you need to thank technology for rattling out dirtbags like these.



Lesson No 1

This person needs to get Parent of the year award. Not only did he cheat, he also tried offering the bribe to his child after getting caught.



Work Comes First

So, going on a date has another name – doing inventory.



Child Support

She thrashed the guy’s dream of having a beautiful family. Imagine finding out your wife was having an affair with your brother behind your back.



Only $10?

Looks like someone is going to get into a lot of trouble.



Room Escapade

Sometimes no amount of work will help revive a relationship because ‘once a cheater, is always a cheater’.


Source : fewunknownfacts.com