The island nation of Japan has retained its ancient traditions and philosophies. Even though today it is a shining beacon of modernity and technological prowess the remnants of its ancient culture have a lot to offer regarding wisdom. Providing a change of perspective, Japanese culture is very attuned spiritually and offers new perspectives for those of us from the west.


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These pieces of profound Japanese wisdom are here for you to change your mind.

Pieces of profound Japanese wisdom

    • If a problem can be solved, then it’s not worth worrying about it. If it can’t be solved, then it’s useless to worry about it.
    • Having taken the time to think, venture to act. Once you’ve done so, stop thinking.
    • Do not hold back that which is departing; do not chase away that which is arriving.
    • Fast means going slowly without interruption.
    • It is better to be the enemy of a good person than the friend of a bad one.
    • There has never been a great individual who did not have ordinary people at their side.
    • He who strongly desires to rise up will think of a way to build a ladder.
    • A husband and wife should be similar to a hand and an eye: when one’s hand hurts, the eyes cry; and when the eyes cry the hand wipes away one’s tears.
    • The sun does not know who is right or who is wrong. It shines without purpose and provides warmth to all
    • A frog in a well does not know the greatness of the sea.
    • A long journey always begins with a short one.
    • He who drinks does not know the dangers of wine; he who doesn’t drink does not know its benefits. Even if a sword is only required once in a lifetime, it should be worn all the time.
    • Beautiful flowers do not bear good fruit.
    • Grief, like a torn dress, should always be left at home.
    • When one is in love, even the scars left by smallpox are as beautiful as dimples on a person’s cheeks.
    • No one has ever stumbled whilst lying in bed.
    • One kind word can keep you warm for three months of winter.
    • Always make way for fools and madmen.
    • If you want to paint a branch, you have to hear the breath of the wind.
    • Check seven times before ever doubting someone.Do everything that you can and leave the rest to fate.
    • Excessive honesty often borders on stupidity.
    • Fortune will always come into a house with laughter.He who endures for just half an hour longer than his opponent can achieve victory.
    • As soon as stones can swim, leaves will sink.
    • Even monkeys can fall from their trees.
    • Cold tea and cold rice are tolerable; what is intolerable is a cold gaze and harsh words.
    • If you do not enter the tiger’s case, you will not catch its cub.
    • If a woman wants something, she’ll climb a mountain to get it.
    • Ask a question, and you feel shame for a moment. Not asking and not knowing means you will feel shame for your whole life.