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When the Bubble of our Life Bursts, Change is Inevitable


We all live inside of bubbles that have built up through habits, priorities, memories, expectations, thoughts and perceptions about self and how life is. We peer out at the world and other people through our own bubbles, and make decisions in accordance with what we have encoded in them. There are times in life when […]

Is This a Murder or Suicide?

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Our Logic says that usually people hold objects with their primary hand, so holding gun in one and holding cigarette in other hand seems unusual. Then the blood spot on wall also indicate that there are more chances of murder than suicide. What do you think? Give some logics also to support your answer. Lets […]

Using Sex Toys To Tease Out Turtle Boners, For Science!!!


In the pursuit of science and knowledge, biologists are using sex toys to tease out turtle boners. Most turtle species are fairly easy to identify the sex of, usually through sexual dimorphic features like a different shell shape or coloring. However, for the ones that are a little trickier to discern, biologists Donald McKnight, a […]

Are You An Over-Thinker? This is For You


I am a thinker. Correction. I am an over-thinker. Maybe it is because of my Gemini rising. Maybe it is because my Moon is in Virgo. Maybe it is just because. I love to think. And think and think some more. I like to think so much that my thinking becomes a combination of therapeutic and […]

Foolproof ways to protect your privacy


Privacy is something that’s basically your right! You always have the ultimate freedom to choose what you share and that which you wish to keep away from people. However, these days it isn’t surprising to hear of privacy violations and instances as such, some by hackers and others by organizations. With everyday use of the […]

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